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"BURN" by  Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley



Burn, USA 2002 10min. HD video transferred from 16mm


Burn is a stunning evocation of those unspoken, those secrets, worries and lies, forming a force which is always a part of the fabric of everyday interactions; at first niggling at the edges, then - provoked by a word or a gesture - suddenly searing through everything and everyone in its path. Belinda McKeon, The Irish Times






Steve Kondats - Sitting RoomHeike Bartels - Sitting RoomEd Norris - Bedroom and CrawlingCharissa Harrison - BedroomPatrick Jolley - CrawlingMelissa Cliver - CrawlingReynold Reynolds - Man on Fire


Production:Rebecca TrostNelson NelsonTom GreenEd NorrisMatt KohnSamara GoldenChristoph DraegerJoan Linder

Produced by: Melissa Cliver

Editing and Sound Design: Reynold Reynolds

Foley: Andrew Innes

Thanks to: Molly Larkey, Heidrun Holzfeind, Lisa Walborsky, Stuart Levy, Nina Bruderman, Robert Merdzo, Inger Lise Hansen, Laurent Mellet, Clare Langan, Materials for the Arts, Pac Lab, Ocularis




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© Artstudio Reynolds. All Rights Reserved


"Primary Expansion" by  Johan Rijpma




Primary colored dots are expanding into tiny complex structures as a reaction to increasing pressure. When different colors overlap new colors emerge that consist of two or more primary layers and therefore have more strength to resist the high pressure. The process continues

to produce rich structures and compositions from small imperfections


and the mixing of colors until the pressure gets too high. 

Commissioned by ''The One Minutes'', theme: ''Color One Minutes''.






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© 2013 Johan Rijpma. All Rights Reserved


"Maps of Emotion 2 – Venezia" by Lutz Gregor



Opera dance film installation | 3 channel video installation

HD 16:9 13 min loop by Lutz Gregor (


Connected hearts, even when apart. The synchronicity of

simultaneous events. Urban bodies move to inner landscapes.

City as body as city - arteries, neural pathways, fluids...

lanes and canals. Water, mirroring reflexions, phantasies.

Travel and eroticism stretch time... A topography of senses, a place where eyes and ears open. Venice. Wherever we go, we stay the same.



Alto Giove (Porpora, Polifermo, 1735)Annabelle Lee (Reynolds, Fortuna, 2011)Dido’s Lament (Purcell, Dido & Aeneas, 1685)

concept + artistic direction lutz gregorvocals brian asawa ( + performance sara simeoni, karl schreineroriginal music james reynolds ( arrangement tobias kremer, james reynoldsmusic recording, editing, mixing phil kullman,

raw artistic studios, colognecamera thomas kutschkerassistance martin züfle, malou züfle


"Raft of Medusa" by Lutz Gregor



Installation for 'Choreographic Collisions 2', Choreography of Federicapaola Capecchi, as part of Biennale di Venezia/Danza 2008, director Ismael Ivo.Media Artist: Lutz GregorMusic: Paki ZennaroPerformances June 19/20/24/25 Venezia





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© 2013 Lutz Gregor. All Rights Reserved


"SOMA" by Bruno Levy



Video and Music by Bruno LevyModels: Melanie Gaydos, ModelloMakeup Artist: Fortunato Castro, Murphy MaxwellThank you Arpana Rayamajhi and Grant Worth






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© 2013 Bruno Levy. All Rights Reserved


"DEFAULT" by Marcantonio Lunardi



Actor : Aldo Gottardo

Director : Marcantonio Lunardi

Sound engineers : 

Flavio Innocenti , Giovanni Ghezzi , Luca Matteucci

Redroom Recording Studio(Pisa)

Translation : Giulia Negrello

Production : REALAB


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Backstage pictures Default

© 2012 Ilaria Sabbatini. All Rights Reserved


"The Choir" by Marcantonio Lunardi



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Backstage pictures The Choir




Marcantonio Lunardi




© 2012 Ilaria Sabbatini. All Rights Reserved

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