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© William Lamson. All Rights Reserved


"Action for the Delaware" by  William Lamson


Action for the Delaware documents a performance in which I attempt to stand on a small raft while floating down the Delaware River.  The raft is calibrated to my weight, so that when I stand on it, only the soles of my feet touch the surface of the water and no part of the raft is visible.  The video cuts between the illusionist moments in which I appear to stand on the surface of the river, and the difficulties encountered in the rest of the journey.  




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montem issue #03も取り上げているWilliam Lamsonのパフォーマンス作品。制作裏が垣間みれる作りになっています。


© Greta Alfaro. All Rights Reserved


"In Ictu Oculi" by  Greta Alfaro


"In Praise of the Beast" by  Greta Alfaro


In Praise of the Beast reflects on the contraposition between nature and artificiality, between order and chaos, between human constructions and the power of nature. It also considers our expectations regarding nature and how influenced they are by culture. Nature always escapes us, always wins, always surprises us with the unexpected.

I come from a place where food and the meetings around food are very important. Food is linked to social life, to social rules and roles. And the cake is a very particular element, since it is directly connected with celebration.

Wild animals play an important role in traditional culture; being part of many fables, myths and beliefs. Wild boars are brute and dirty, big and scary. The cake is sweet and fragile, and requires a lot of elaboration. I liked the idea of confronting these opposites, of making an absurd gigantic cake and place it out of its normal environment, in the middle of nature, by night, in winter; to offer it to the beasts in an absurd misunderstanding.






I filmed In Ictu Oculi in the small village where I come from in Navarra, North of Spain. Vultures are a common animal there, although a few years ago they were almost extinct. I chose to work with them because of their powerful presence as a symbol of negative feelings, linked to death, fear, illness, dirt. People know little about them as real animals, they are surrounded by an aura that surpasses their actual biological existence.

This is a work about the impossibility of permanence, about the vulnerability of life and of all situations, about the impossibility of control. A work about the irrational, about the forces of chaos in nature and inside the human being. In this sense, it is linked to the present moment and socio-economical circumstances.

It is based in Baroque themes, such as the still life and vanitas. The title is taken from the most famous Spanish vanitas, painted by Valdés Leal in Sevilla. It means “In the blink of an eye”, referring to how quick things can change or end.

Here again I use food as a symbol of civilization, and animals as a kind of alter ego from the wild, and there are also references to the representation of the Last Supper in the history of art.


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© Greta Alfaro. All Rights Reserved

© Dani Frid Rossi. All Rights Reserved


"Consumo (Eat) " by  Dani Frid Rossi


Consumo (Eat) is part of a series of videos in which the participants

– men found through ads posted by the artist on Craigslist – receive specific instructions for actions to be performed for the camera. These videos aim to investigate modes of control at a personal and social level, questioning dominant ideologies and creating an ambiguous power relationship between the camera, the participants, and the artist.



Dani Frid Rossi was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1983. She works in a variety of media, including video, photography, collage, and installation. She received her BFA from Clemson University in South Carolina, and her MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Dani currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.




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Exhibition view at Crane Arts, Philadelphia (March 2013)



"THREE OF A FEATHER" by  celia rowlson-hall



They travel by carousel, large lakes are their wishing wells,

and they perform with gusto to empty theater houses.








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© celia rowlson-hall. All Rights Reserved


"Soundscapes" by  Ingeun Kim



Soundscapes(re-edit), 2013Sound(Stereo);electric fan wind in

pickups on a gibson les paul with 6th string tuned down to

D and 5th to F+radio interference noises+wah effect pedal Video shot in a road crossing Czech Republic and Austria in Dec. 2012





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His interview based on SOUNDSCAPES conducted by Stigmart Videofocus Magazine (Paris, France).


© Ingeun Kim. All Rights Reserved


"Japan, I wish I knew your name"

 by  Pierfrancesco Celada



During a brief visit to Japan in 2009 I was soon fascinated by the isolation and loneliness I was feeling in the streets. It started as a personal journey, a foreigner traveling in an alien environment. Language and cultural differences were only augmenting this distance between the locals and me. However, while observing people, it was clear that even indigenous were not able to interact successfully. I have then decided to come back in 2010 and better visualize these concepts.

The Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Megalopolis, also called Taiheiyō Belt is a unique example of urban agglomeration with an estimated population of over 80 million people.Despite this incredibly high number of chances to interact, it seems that society is moving in the opposite direction. The purpose of this investigation is to create awareness and highlight the problems that modernization and the rapid changes in the environment create in our lives. Is it still important to be, or feel, part of a group? Do we feel part of the environment? Are we alone in the crowd?


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© Pierfrancesco Celada. All Rights Reserved

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